Camp 10-78 Event - June 12-16, 2023

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The purpose of Camp 10-78 is to provide injured officers and their families a week of relaxation and peace. An opportunity to take a break from the stresses of their every day lives and find camaraderie with families who are in similar situations. 10-78 is the 10 Code for "Officer Needs Assistance". That is exactly what Camp 10-78 means to provide. Camp 10-78 was created by Mike and Becky Wissink. Mike was a Police Officer in Wisconsin for 26 years when he was injured during an assault while on duty on December 3, 2019. Injuries Mike sustained during his attack forced his retirement in 2021. Mike and Becky hope to use their experiences to help other officers and their families.

This event provides an all-expense paid vacation for Wisconsin Police Officers who have been injured, physically and/or mentally, in the line of duty and their families.

For information on the event and how to apply, see their event flyer

FBINAA Charitable Foundation

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The Ambassador program was implemented in 2020 in an effort to enlist volunteers to promote the programs and assistance offered by the Foundation. Ambassadors share the work of the Foundation when networking at meetings, re-trainers, and other events that they are already attending. The FBINNAA Charitable Foundation state ambassadors assist in the Foundation's mission of the care and support of FBINAA Members and their families, who are in distress or in harm's way, and to offer continued educational development of FBINAA Members, their families, and members of other nonprofit law enforcement affiliated associations.

Bob Rosch
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FBINAA Foundation
Wisconsin Ambassador


If you, any of your Officers, Civilian staff, or family members need any mental health help with PTSD or addiction, please reach out to:

Officer Safety & Wellness

Chief Joe Collins

Deputy Chief Bill Mazur (FBINA)(retired) Atlantic City Police, NJ

Scott Naples
Wisconsin Treatment Placement Specialist - Acadia Healthcare